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Dr. Chung Speaks Frankly About Breast Cancer

We would like to thank Cathie Chung, MD for her recent presentation at the Cancer Support Community, called “Frankly Speaking About Advanced Breast Cancer.”

Cathie Chung, MD completed her training in medical oncology focusing on breast cancer at Stanford University. She joined the faculty of the breast cancer programs at both the USC/Norris Cancer Center and City of Hope. Currently, she brings her expertise in research to the clinical programs at The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute.

Women with metastatic breast cancer have unique physical, emotional, and information needs that are often not met – this workshop aimed to fill that void. Attendees got valuable information on managing the physical and psychological effects of advanced breast cancer and its treatment.

Dr. Chung highlighted the importance of communicating with your healthcare team, especially your oncologist. She noted that your relationship with your oncologist will be a long-term one, so it’s important to feel comfortable and make sure you’re satisfied with the answers you’re getting.

Another recommendation was to get a second opinion. There are many ways to treat advanced breast cancer – there is no one “right way.” If a treatment doesn’t work there are others to try.

Patients should also consider participating in breast cancer clinical trials at any stage, whether your diagnosis is Stage I or Stage IV.

Another important thing to know is that advanced breast cancer treatment generally focuses on systemic treatment, rather than focusing on the tumor itself.

Thank you, Dr. Chung, for providing your time and expertise!

Educational seminars with experts are an important part of what we offer, but there is much more. Check our calendar to learn more about our current programs, all of which are FREE.

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