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A Letter to Brighten Your Day

Kendall is a little girl with a very big heart. At age 24, Kendall’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. To help her mom celebrate 15 years of cancer survivorship, Kendall decided to raise money for the Cancer Support Community, where her mother participated in a support group 15 years ago. Here is her letter – we hope it makes you smile.

Kendall is pictured with her mom and brother, and Marty Nason, VP of Programs at CSCVVSB and the facilitator of the support group that Kendall’s mom joined 15 years ago.

“I am Kendall and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at 24. That was 7 years before she had me. When my mom was having surgery my grandma and grandpa got her a dog for a present. The dog was a Golden Retriever, we named her Riley. My mom was a cancer survivor. When my mom was 31 she had me. When my mom was 34 we threw a surprise party for her. She had gone 10 years without breast cancer. When I was 3 my dog Riley died of dog cancer. The next year my brother was born. When my mom was 39, I was 9, and my brother was 5 we threw her another surprise party for lasting 15 years without breast cancer.

All of this led up to April 7, 2012. On the 7th I had a lemonade stand/bake sale, 1/4 of every sale went to help people with breast cancer. We earned $8.00, it didn’t sound like much to me to mail to a charity to I put in $14.00. Then my brother wanted to help so he put in $5.25. Then I asked my mom and dad if they wanted to put in money too, so they said they would put in $50.00. After that I called my 2 aunts and asked if they wanted to put in any money and they both said that they would put in $50.00. Then I called my uncle and he said he would put in $50.00. After that I called my grandma and grandpa to see if they wanted to double it, they said they’d love to. It came out to be $392.25.

Then we called my uncle and I told him that I had a story for him, he said if the story was bad then he would give us $10.00, if it was all right then he would give us $25.00, if it was good then he would give us $50.00, and if it was really good then he’d give us more. I told him the story and he said that story was pretty good how about you get one of each bill in my wallet. I said so a 1, 5 and a 10. He said I don’t have any of those how about a 20, 50, and a 100. That came out to be $170.00.

The next day I went around my neighborhood asking all my neighbors if they wanted to donate money to people who had breast cancer, I earned over $100.00 just by asking my neighbors. I hope with all the money I raised you can save a lot of people.”

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  1. Patricia Sica #

    Kendall is a treasure… her parents must be so very proud of her! Some people can just sit down and write a check… but she’s put her heart and soul into her mission: made a huge effort to provide this loving tribute to her Mom. The rest of us should be inspired to sit down now… and write that check!

    November 16, 2012

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