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The Ventura County Star is Turning Pink!

vcs-pinkpaper-croppedDo not be alarmed if you go to get your morning paper on October 1st and find that something is very…different. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Ventura County Star will be printed entirely on PINK paper, with a percentage of the paper’s revenue going to the Cancer Support Community Valley/Ventura/Santa Barbara (CSCVVSB).

The pink paper is part of the Star’s month-long campaign to support breast cancer awareness. As a continual reminder of the campaign, a pink ribbon will stay on the Ventura County Star’s website,, all month.


Stephanie Boggins, former vice president of advertising (left), and Monica White, regional marketing director West Coast with the pink paper in 2012.

This is the second year the Ventura County Star has been printed on pink paper. Last year,  Stephanie Boggins, former vice president of advertising, and Monica White, regional marketing director West Coast, pushed for the color change as a way to show support for breast cancer patients, survivors and family members in the community.

On behalf of the thousands of community members who rely on help from CSCVVSB in their fight against cancer, we want to thank the Ventura County Star for going the extra mile to make a difference!

Thanks also to Margie Cochrane, Regional Publisher and Chief Revenue Officer, Ventura County Star for sharing this message:

“Breast cancer affects everyone. Whether it be a mother, sister, family member, friend or colleague, nearly everyone has a story to share how they have been touched by breast cancer. The Ventura County Star is proud to once again kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a completely pink newspaper and website on October 1st.  We are also pleased to be able to donate a portion of the proceeds from Tuesday’s commemorative pink edition to the Cancer Support Community. Special thanks to all the local businesses and readers who partnered with us in support of the fight against breast cancer.”

Finally, check out this radio spot that will be playing on October 1st!


How You Can Help

For starters, make sure you pick up a pink paper on October 1st! You can also check out our How You Can Help link for all kinds of ways to make a difference in the fight against cancer.


A Company with a Conscience: We “Like” It!

PODSLocal_Cancer_Community_LikePromo2 copy

We’re teaming up with PODS, Santa Barbara for a fun challenge!

Between September 6 and 14, 2013, PODS, Santa Barbara will donate $1 for every Like they receive on Facebook. You could also win tickets to the Holiday Homes Tour, December 7 and 8!

Let’s help them get to 1,000 likes!  Just CLICK HERE to visit their page and click the LIKE button in the top right corner.

Here’s what you get:

  • The good feeling that comes from helping a worthy charity that provides free support services to people going through the fight of their lives.
  • PODS, Santa Barbara has fantastic Facebook posts that you will get to see once you like them. (Recent examples: 7 tips on organizing your kitchen; tips for a successful garage sale; moving tip of the week.)
  • You will be entered in a drawing to win tickets to the Holiday Homes Tour, which raises funds for CSCVVSB’s cancer support programs.

Why are we doing this?

Having three PODS generously donated during our recent remodel allows us to use more funds for our cancer support programs, which patients and their families count on during the fight of their lives.

Having three PODS generously donated during our recent remodel allows us to use more funds for our cancer support programs, which patients and their families count on during the fight of their lives.

PODS, Santa Barbara has done so much for us:

  • When we were remodeling the rooms where cancer patients and their families have their support groups, PODS gave us a place to store our belongings.
  • When we had our Book Sale to raise money for our cancer support services, PODS gave us a place to keep all of the donated books.
  • When we recently remodeled our living room and kitchen, PODS came through yet again and gave us a place to keep our furniture. Not having to pay for storage helps us use more of our funds for support groups and other important cancer support services.
  • PODS, Santa Barbara franchise owner Steve Yapp is dedicated to helping not just CSCVVSB, but the local community in general. Here is a partial list of organizations that his three PODS franchises have helped: Boys & Girls Clubs, FOOD Share of Ventura County, Casa Pacifica, Toys 4 Tots, California Strawberry Festival, Ojai Music Festival, Relay for Life, C.H.P. Holiday Toy Drive, Salvation Army, Santa Maria Good Samaritan, Oxnard Downtown Management District, Boy Scouts of Ventura County, California Visitors Center, Simi Valley Days, the Oxnard Salsa Festival, and Catholic Charities.

We already like them in real life – now let’s all go like them on Facebook September 6th through September 14th!

In Honor of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month…

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and we are honored to share the story of Jerome Davis, an active member of our Prostate Cancer Networking Group. Thanks, Jerome, for sharing your story!

JeromeDavisWhen Jerome Davis was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005, he had plenty of questions. After a year of struggling on his own with treatment plans he did not feel were right for him, he found answers, and much more, at the Prostate Cancer Networking Group offered by the Cancer Support Community Valley/Ventura/Santa Barbara (CSCVVSB).

The first doctor Jerome visited after his diagnosis suggested an aggressive treatment with the possibility of serious side effects – all without examining him to find out how serious the cancer was and where it was located. “The first thing I said to my wife when we got in the car after that visit was: ‘I’m NOT doing that,’” recalls Jerome.

But Jerome was not sure where to turn next. “I struggled all through 2006 not knowing what to do, but just knowing that I didn’t like what I was hearing,” says Jerome.

When he read in the newspaper about a guest speaker coming to CSCVVSB’s Prostate Cancer Networking Group, he did not hesitate to sign up. “There I found a whole bunch of people who knew a whole lot about prostate cancer, and I was thrilled.”

Jerome has not missed a meeting of the Prostate Cancer Networking Group in four years. With the knowledge and support he found there, he was able to meet with radiologists and oncologists who helped him achieve “active surveillance” – monitoring PSA levels, doing annual imaging of the prostate, and taking medications recommended by his doctors.

“I’m very grateful to my doctors for starting my PSAs [Prostate-Specific Antigen Tests] as early as they did because now I have an extremely good set of records to help guide me through the process of determining whether and what type of treatment I need,” says Jerome.

The Prostate Cancer Networking Group helped Jerome find answers to his questions, but it also gave him emotional support to stay strong during the experience. “I can’t emphasize enough how much the Cancer Support Community has helped me.”

Being a cancer survivor has also inspired Jerome to adopt a healthier lifestyle. He lost 50 pounds after transforming his diet, walks three miles every morning, and works out twice a week. “My energy levels are excellent,” says Jerome.

Jerome and his wife have five children and live in Thousand Oaks. In addition to staying physically active, Jerome, a retired production engineer, enjoys making wood art.