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Skhye’s Story

This year, a very special young lady spoke at our Evening of Hope Gala. Skhye Adolph, a participant in our Kid’s Circle program, spoke about her experience with cancer and how CSCVVSB helped her and her family through a tough time.

Here is Skhye’s speech:

Good evening!   My name is Skhye Adolph.  My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2012.  My mom was going to a lot of doctor appointments and she was always going through a surgery.  I was really scared and confused.  Did this mean I was going to lose my mom?  I wasn’t sure how I felt or what cancer even meant.  I had a lot of questions but didn’t know how to ask them, I would talk to my friends at school but they would just listen and walk away.  They didn’t know what I was going through.  I was sad and I didn’t want to tell my mom because she would be sad too.

One day my mom came home and asked me if I would like to go to a Kids Circle where I could listen and talk to other kids that were going through the same thing. I was excited to try it.  The first day I was there all of thekids and Joyce welcomed me.   We shared our stories about what we were going through with our families and how we all felt.  Everybody was very nice.  From that day on I looked forward to going to this class.

It helped me understand what cancer was by doing different activities.  Joyce was helpful with allowing us all to express our feelings through activities and talking to each other.  One day I came in and said that I was bored at home because my mom is t ired and we can’t go places.  Joyce helped me understand that my mom was tired so maybe we could play some board games instead of going to the park.  It was a great idea because it let my family have fun even when things were not good.  The kids in the group do activities that allow us to share our feelings and take time out to be there for each other. In the beginning of each group we use what is called a “talking stick”.  It has fun decorations on it and when a person has it in their hand, they say how their day was and also give an update on how their family members are doing.  I take this time to share with how my mom is doing.  It makes me feel very special and that my friends really care about me.  Sometimes we do improv and dance to be able to act out our emotions.  This is a lot of fun because we all laugh so much.  It is a time that we all get to be ourselves and just be free of anything that is going on.  I most enjoy that I am able to talk about anything with this group.

It has been a great experience for me and if I could I would go to this group for the rest of my life.  I love what Kids Circle has given to me and my family.  Anytime that I have to miss a class, I get very sad.  I am thankful that the Cancer Support Community offers so much support to the families that need it.  It has been a true blessing that a community can provide this much love and support through the tough times.  If any families need any kind of support this is the place to be. So many things are offered here for everybody.  Most of all we share a lot of love.  I absolutely love the Kids Circle!!!

Thank you & Good Night.. ….

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