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Celebration of Life: Gail Lemberger

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By volunteering to lighten the burden of our staff, Gail Lemberger has helped lighten the burden of thousands of participants who come through our doors seeking solace during their cancer journey.

For the past six years, Gail has diligently completed hours of behind-the-scenes office work at CSCVVSB – and expects absolutely nothing in return. “Being of service is something I was always taught to do,” says Gail. “My mother showed me how important it is to give back, not by preaching to me but in the way she lived her life.”

Gail chose to volunteer for the Cancer Support Community because it was a source of hope during her eight-year journey of cancer diagnosis, surgery, and aggressive treatment. “They have helped me learn how to cope with having Stage IV cancer. They have shown me that I do have the strength to deal with this on a daily basis. Once you walk in the door you know that you are loved and supported and no one judges you.”

Gail’s family has also been a huge support during the cancer experience. “My husband Steve has been amazing, and I wouldn’t be here without him,” she says. Before her passing in 2009, Gail’s mother was always available for a supportive phone call, and she sent encouraging cards in the mail each week. “I saved every card and it’s a huge stack – something like 90 cards,” says Gail. Her son Matthew is “her cheerleader” – always saying, “you can do this, Mom,” during the very tough times. Gail’s two corgis, which she calls her therapy dogs, keep her smiling and make sure she gets outside for a walk every day, rain or shine.

Thank you, Gail, for giving back to the Cancer Support Community in so many ways. 

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