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Advice for the newly diagnosed: Tips for you, by you

This post was originally published on the Cancer Support Community Blog

happy senior coupleGetting advice (whether you wanted it or not) happens almost daily—from friends, family members, doctors and even well-intentioned strangers. This is especially true when there is a cancer diagnosis. But sometimes, the best advice is the advice you wish someone would have given you.

On several occasions, we asked our Facebook followers to share with us what advice they would give to anyone who is just beginning their cancer journey. Below are some of the amazing and inspirational responses we have gotten so far.  Take a look—it just might be what you needed to hear today!

  • “Remember you are different, and your cancer story will be different. Take the horror stories with a grain of salt and know that your story will more than likely be nothing like the ones you hear.” – Sandra
  • “…Write a diary or journal every day. Even on the worst days. Because that way you are able to see how strong you are. And how far you’ve come.” – Barbara
  • “Exercise every day, and SMILE! Both have healing powers – physically and emotionally.” – Diana
  • “Get informed. Learn about the type of cancer, its treatment options, and how it applies to your specific situation. Build a strong support system. You are going to need it…Stock your freezer with make-ahead meals. You will be glad you did. And always remember…. this is not the end. It’s only the beginning of a new way of life.”- Sharon
  • “Once you hear the diagnosis expect a few days of shock—not knowing what to do or who to listen to—just plain having your world turned upside down. Then a routine will develop once a treatment plan is started…you have a new normal for a while.” – Connie
  • “…Things will probably never be the same as your pre-cancer diagnosis days, but you can learn to roll with the punches. It was my husband who had the cancer, but I like to remind people that I am a “survivor” too.” – Claudia
  • “Ask questions until you get an answer you understand!” – Carla
  • “Your diagnosis is NOT your fate.” – Gerry
  • “Get you, your caregivers, and your loved ones involved in a patient advocacy organization for your type of cancer, especially if a large national organization exists for that cancer…” – Pancreatic Cancer Research News
  • “Humility is a hard pill to swallow. Don’t be too proud to accept help, in whatever form it may be.” – Danny
  • “My husband is on a few meds I researched myself and asked for. You wouldn’t think a person would have to do such things. But I did and it has helped him!” –  Annette
  • “All will be well, stay positive and build a great support team around you…Put your energy into positive thoughts and not into anxiety. Live life to the fullest!” – Dave

Do you have your own advice to share? Take a look at the original conversation and comment with your own advice, and join the Cancer Experience Registry to share your own journey with cancer.