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Speaker’s Bureau Spotlight: Jesse Ingalla

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The Speaker’s Bureau at Cancer Support Community is a group of people who found hope and encouragement at CSC and are dedicated to spreading the word about the organization’s programs and services. Through speaking engagements at local corporations, service groups, schools and more, the Speaker’s Bureau is a powerful tool, helping to raise awareness of CSC’s offerings throughout our community.

Interested in joining the Speaker’s Bureau or booking a member to talk to your group? Please call (805) 379-4777 to get started.


You would have to look very hard to find someone who is more familiar with Cancer Support Community Valley/Ventura/Santa Barbara than Jesse Ingalla. A retired jeweler who lives in Simi Valley, Jesse began as a Caregiver Support Group member, when his wife Lianne was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in 2008.

When Jesse was diagnosed with stage I prostate cancer in 2009, he already knew where he could go for support and information: Cancer Support Community. He joined the Prostate Cancer Support Group, and he and Lianne attended a wide variety of other CSC programs, including Dance 4 Wellness classes, Susan Speer’s nutrition workshops, and Merv’s Comedy Night. The Ingallas’ grandson also attended the CSC Kids Circle for over a year.

When I think of Cancer Support Community, the first word that comes to mind is ‘hope,’” says Jesse. “I like the feeling of community and the opportunity to be with others going through a similar experience. I’m grateful for the lifelong friends we’ve made.”

Jesse and Lianne consider themselves more informed about the in’s and out’s of the cancer experience because of Cancer Support Community. “My advice to anyone who has just been diagnosed with cancer is: get a second opinion,” says Jesse. “When Lianne was diagnosed with cancer, we panicked right away. We didn’t realize we had time to learn more before jumping into decisions about treatments, which caused extra anxiety.”

When the idea of the Speaker’s Bureau came about, Jesse and Lianne were instantly interested. “The last stage of healing is giving back. As grateful cancer survivors, that is our hope – to be able to give back for years to come,” says Jesse.

Jesse’s favorite Speaker’s Bureau memory is speaking to the St. Paschal Baylon Catholic Church Men’s Group. “The audience of about 200 men gave us a standing ovation at the end of our presentation,” recalls Jesse. “An unexpected donation of $500 came in the mail the following week. What a gratifying experience.”

Thank you, Jesse, for sharing your story in order to give back to Cancer Support Community!

Interested in joining the Speaker’s Bureau or booking a member to talk to your group? Please call (805) 379-4777 to get started.

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