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Volunteer Spotlight – Audrey Brown and Laurie Peterson


Each year the Gala is brought to life by a team of dedicated volunteers and this year was no exception! Led by co-chairs Audrey Brown and Laurie Peterson, the Leave it to Laughter Gala was one of Cancer Support Community’s most successful events in our 25 years of existence. Our co-chairs discuss why they volunteer for CSCVVSB and their experience with the Gala this year.

Audrey Brown…

How long have you been volunteering with CSC and in what capacity? I am a recent volunteer with CSC when I had inquired with the previous CEO of any volunteer opportunities within the organization.  He suggested that I sit in on a Holiday Home Tour Committee and I was hooked.  Although the Home Tour did not come together that year, I volunteered at the Boutique and then had the pleasure of Co-Chairing this year’s Gala.

Why do you volunteer in general and why did you pick CSC in particular? I learned about volunteering as a child when I was involved early on as a girl scout.  I feel I am blessed in many ways with a wonderful family, friends and rewarding career.  Volunteering provides me the opportunity to give back and work with those in the community that have a need much greater than I.  I selected CSC since I have a close family member who has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Since he lives out of state, I really wanted to get involved in a local organization that assists those and family members that have been touched by the disease.

What was your favorite part of the Gala? I really enjoyed working with the volunteers that made the event such as success.  It was a dynamic group of people that came together for a sole purpose of raising funds for a worthwhile organization.

What do you think made it successful? Success can be measured in some many different ways, but knowing that those attended were willing to support CSC financially, those that volunteered were able to give of their time and talents, and those that were part of the program were there to entertain, made the event a genuine success.

Laurie Peterson…

How long have you been volunteering with CSC and in what capacity?  6 years – 4 as co-chair and 2 as committee chair

Why do you volunteer in general and why did you pick CSC in particular?  I volunteer because I want to give back and there are so many people who need help.  I believe it is a gift to me as much as to the organization.  I chose CSC because one of my best friends was a participant 15 years ago and she would tell me how important CSC was to her state-of-mind and positive attitude.  I told her that once my kids were grown I would give back in her honor.

What was your favorite part of the Gala?  My favorite part was all the money we raised!  But also loved the 11 piece band and seeing everyone dance, as well as the comedians who kept us all laughing.  It was a great party for a great cause!!!

What do you think made it successful?  All the hard work of the CSC staff and the team of volunteers working together to make it fun and different with a few surprises thrown in.  Our auction items were unique and interesting which brought in a lot of much-needed money for CSC.  The Four Seasons Hotel did a beautiful job making sure every guest enjoyed themselves!


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