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Jilla Redman is a breast cancer survivor, and has been a part of the Cancer Support Community since 2008. In addition to attending a weekly support group Jilla enjoys participating in yoga and guided imaginary classes. Jilla comes to CSC because of the ongoing support she receives.She is a strong believer of paying it forward. “I learn from the ladies in my group, we share our experiences and concerns. We are hope for each other. You don’t feel alone. For me it’s a second home. Cancer Support Community has really helped me”.

Friendly and engaging Jilla enjoys welcoming new participants to CSC. You will always find Jilla and her husband, Chuck laughing hysterically at Comedy Night. Jilla’s passion for gardening was demonstrated at a recent “Cups of Courage” event, where she decorated a bra with a floral theme. Her bra was featured in our Paint the Town Paint event at The Oaks. It’s not unusual to find Jilla with a watering can tending to the flowers and succulents around our building. She says this is her “small way” of giving back but here at CSC we want to acknowledge Jilla, and thank her in a “big way” for her spirit and generosity. She is truly an inspiration to all.

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