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Volunteer Spotlight – Harriet Wasserman


“I’ve been involved with Cancer Support Community wasserman-e1471456643332Valley/Ventura/Santa Barbara since 2006 and have served on the Board of Directors since 2008 so that I could give back to the place that had given so much to myself and my daughter, Nancy.” – Harriet Wasserman

Soon after Harriet’s daughter, Nancy, was diagnosed someone told her about Cancer Support Community, then The Wellness Community.  She went on the website and was very interested in getting Nancy to go. It took some convincing but she finally decided to attend a group.  After that, Nancy never missed a group unless she was out of town.  The last meeting she was supposed to attend was around her 50th Birthday, she was too sick to attend so Marty Nason brought the group to Nancy’s house, complete with Birthday cake; it made her very happy.  Nancy passed away 5 days after her 50th Birthday.

One year after Nancy was diagnosed, she said she wanted to give back. At the time, Susan Koman was advertising to do a lunch for Cancer Support Community. The first luncheon was at Harriet’s home and they had about 25 people; that was the beginning of what would turn into Nancy’s Angels Luncheon.  The next year they had 50 people and their good friend Debbie Steinhardt said to Harriet, “you can’t have this at your house any more it’s too small, please plan on having it at my house”.  That was in 2008, Nancy was able to attend one luncheon at Debbie’s house and saw how much it had grown.  Last year, the event had 110 people and raised $10,000. This year there were only about 75 people and they were still able to raise over $10,000! Due to the construction going on inside the house, the event was held in a beautiful canopy and the generous hostess, Debbie, insisted on paying for it. Harriet’s son is a chef and he and his partner donate all the food.

This event is a wonderful time for Harriet to get together with Nancy’s old friends, who still attend, and some of Harriet’s new friends. Harriet works tirelessly gathering in-kind gifts all year long, with help from her very good friends. These wonderful donations are raffled off and all of the money raised for the Nancy’s Angels Luncheon is donated to Cancer Support Community Valley/Ventura/Santa Barbara.

Thank you Harriet for all you do!

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