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ASK THE EXPERT -Eliminate Stress & Seek Inner Peace through Meditation by Vinay Chhabra

water lilyJoin the 4-week series of Guided Meditation:

Week 1:  Philosophy and Science of Meditation
Week 2:  Managing Stress
Week 3:  Coping with the Attachment
Week 4:  Living in Present

Several scientific studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can have a positive impact on a huge range of health conditions, including cancer, depression and post–traumatic disorder. Meditation has even been found to protect the mind from aging and it will make you calm, gentle, loving and give you freedom from fear.

Here are testimonials from attendees at classes held at the YMCA, Senior Concerns, Alzheimer’s Association Network Meeting and Agoura Hills Recreation Center.

“Thank You so much to Vinay and Pacific Senior Care for the meditation classes. We have 2 little boys and the meditation class was very helpful to me. It brought an awareness to me to live in the present.  I really appreciate the classes.,  Thank you again.”

“Yes My wife and I both enjoyed the presentation and the topics. I must say were right in accordance with our needs as we age.  While it was very new to me, I was having problems with my arthritis and the Yoga played a very important role in helping my condition.  I plan to continue with the Yoga and Meditation at home, however doing it in class would significantly help. Once again both my wife and I want to thank Vinay for the class.  I also want to say I sent an email to  YMCA with my appreciation for having this class a couple weeks ago.”
Jim & Evelin

“I enjoyed the classes and wished it wasn’t cut short (for me) due to pre-arrangement vacation schedules.  I missed the last two classes and hope I can retake them when you sponsor the same class again. I am practicing what I learned and will try to keep it up.  It does seem to help calm me down in stressful situations.  Thanks again and take care!”

“I did enjoy the classes found it relaxing learning how to cope with daily stressors hope he is going to give more classes.”

“I really liked Vinay’s meditation class.  I would love to take more classes with Vinay.  Please let me know when because I am a beginner and I feel he is a wonderful teacher.”
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Classes will be held on Thursdays April 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th, 2017 from 11-00-12:30pm.  Please RSVP (805) 379-4777

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