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Volunteer Spotlight – Liz Fahy

Liz Fahy has been involved with CSC for six months as a volunteer on the front desk.Liz

How did you hear about Cancer Support Community?   I became aware of CSC in October 2016 when I was seeking voluntary work, particularly in the area of cancer. I noticed the CSC while driving past one day and immediately pulled into the parking lot. I was greeted very enthusiastically and arranged a visit with a view to becoming a volunteer. I was also advised to join one of the support groups which meets weekly at CSC. This group has provided a huge amount of comfort and, perhaps surprisingly, there is a lot of laughter!

How has cancer impacted your life?   I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014, less than two years after moving from London, to start a new life in California. It was a confusing time. Not only had no member of my family ever been diagnosed with cancer but, in terms of medical care, I was in very unfamiliar territory. I wish that I had known about CSC then. The cancer returned in early 2016 and I finished my second round of chemotherapy last July. At that point I felt very strongly that I wanted to help, in any way possible, other people with this disease.

What do you find most rewarding about your volunteer work with CSC?   From the moment that I walk into CSC, I am overwhelmed by the warmth, dedication, compassion and positivity of everyone involved. One of the most rewarding moments so far involved a distress phone call when I was very new to CSC. I think/hope that I dealt with this compassionately.

What are you working on right now for CSC?   In addition to my work on the front desk, I have volunteered to help with any tasks required in the week preceding the Gala. I will also be involved in preparations for the auction and in setting it up at the Reagan Library on May 5.

Please say “hello” next time you see Liz at the front desk.

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